2020 - Jarl Craig Dickie

The 2020 Festival took place on 28th February

Despite suffering a serious arm injury the night before, Guizer Jarl Craig Dickie, representing Sweyn Asleifsson, emerged from the hall on a cool dry Friday morning in good spirits. Assembling his squad to march with the bairns in the Galley down to the School. Built to a new design by a dedicated team of galley builders, the Hjalmundal remained resplendent until being burnt in the ebb of Cullivoe on a wet and windy night.

Festivities then moved on to the hall and school, with an exceptional array of squads and an excellent variety concert followed a great feed in Burravoe on hop day. Dancing went on into the early hours on both nights to James Leask and his band. Sunday saw the now traditional fish suppers and charity head shaving, leading many to be grateful for the local "Craig Dickie Day" holiday on Monday.

Galley Name:- Hjalmundal

Craig's Jarl Squad

  • James Nicholson (Breckon) [Former Jarl]
  • Steven Brown (Burravoe) [Future Jarl]
  • Daniel Lawson (Solveig, Aith)
  • Darren Saunders (Da Terrace)
  • Alan Jamieson (Sandyburn)
  • Kevin Laurenson (Brae)
  • Hubert Dickie (Burdigarth)
  • Campbell Dickie (Virdins)
  • Steven Henderson (Ljogasund)
  • Alan Keith (Havly)
  • Brian Henderson (Lerwick)
  • Lee Jamieson (Unst)
  • Stuart Whittaker (Ireland)
  • Robbie Coutts (Gerdalok)
  • Junior Members

  • Jessica Dickie
  • Monica Dickie
  • Rosie Dickie
  • Jarl Squad Musicians

  • Andy Stephen
  • Callum Watt
  • Ryan Couper



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