2019 - Jarl James Nicholson

The 2019 Festival took place on 22nd February

The festival took place on a fine night. A light breeze, but barely noticeable. The procession wis different this year, with an extremely low ebb meaning the galley could not be burned on the water. Instead it was burned in the ebb with all the squads circling the galley. It was a beautiful sight, with the steam rising around the galley where the fire evaporated the residual water.

The squads performed in the hall to a very high standard, and were all punctual and entertaining. Leeshinat provided the music for the dance both nights, and the hall never emptied til they finished both nights. A great young dancing crowd made up the numbers in the hall. On the Sunday, in a change from the usual routine, the committee served fish and chip suppers to the public, and many stayed around to witness the head shaving. The Jarl squad spent a week with silly hairstyles, but managed to raise over £1400 towards the Jarl's chosen charities; Bloodwise & The British Heart Foundation.

Galley Name:- Breckon Wind

James's Jarl Squad

  • Laurence Odie (Burravoe) [Former Jarl]
  • Craig Dickie (Dickiesville) [Future Jarl]
  • Brian Spence (Houses)
  • Michael Nisbet (Voe)
  • Brydon Barclay (Unst)
  • Brian Brand (Whiteness)
  • Emmanuel Msalila (Aith)
  • Russel Anderson (Ulsta)
  • Creighton Anderson (Ulsta)
  • David Henry (Kirkhoull)
  • Alex Nicholson (Breckon)
  • Junior Members

  • Ollie Nicholson (Breckon)
  • Lee Henry (Kirkhoull)
  • Mark Henry (Kirkhoull)
  • Elsie Msalila (Aith)
  • Hannah Msalila (Aith)
  • Jarl Squad Musicians

  • Andy 'Shakin' Stephen
  • David Spence
  • Barry Nisbet



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