2018 - Jarl Laurence Odie

The 2018 Festival took place on 23rd February

The 2018 festival took place on a bright but cold morning. The sun was shining, but a very cold wind from the south was chilling. The cold conditions didn't stop the Jarl Squad from performing their duties, nor did it stop the crowds forming to view the spectacle. People from all over Yell, and for some even further, gathered to join the march from the hall to the school. Dozens of delighted bairns got to ride in the galley (Sleipner) for the journey, and were in fine voice the whole way. The procession went well, with the increasing winds making the torches burn fiercely. They held out well though, and were tossed into the (now floating) galley as she burned away on the water in a fine spectacle. The burning galley against a backdrop of fireworks certainly made for a beautiful scene. Afterwards the 10 squads performed for the Jarl Squad, before supper was served and the dance, with music from Leeshinat, got underway. The Hop day attendance in Burravoe was swelled by the addition of the Northmavine Jarl Squad and families. The Northmavine Jarl's Burravoe connections led to them coming to join in the fun. The Hop Concert was well attended, and there were plenty of varied items on show. The dance again led by Leeshinat got underway, and another good night followed. Another successful Up Helly Aa for our first ever 'South Yell' Jarl.

Galley Name:- SLEIPNER

Laurence's Jarl Squad

  • Mark Lawson (Hjarta) [Former Jarl]
  • James Nicholson (Breckon) [Future Jarl]
  • John Odie (Burravoe)
  • Kevin Odie (Aith)
  • Mark Odie (Mid Yell)
  • Robert Jamieson (Nampara)
  • Gordon Keith (Aith)
  • Frank Tulloch (Bixter)
  • Peter Anderson (Nesting)
  • Kevin Tulloch (Oiseval)
  • Raymond Henderson (Emohruo)
  • Joe Scollay (Donegal)
  • Shield Maidens

  • Lorraine Odie (Burravoe)
  • Lisa Odie (Scalloway)
  • Junior Members

  • Dylan Odie (Aith)
  • Lewis Odie (Aith)
  • Connor Odie (Mid Yell)
  • Bobby Odie (Aith)
  • Hansen Tulloch (Oiseval)
  • Lewis Tulloch (Oiseval)
  • Nicholas Tulloch (Oiseval)



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