2014 - Jarl David Spence

The 2014 Festival took place on 28th February

Guizer Jarl David Spence chose to portray the white-helmeted, hammer-wielding Viking warlord Thorstein Olafsson for this years Cullivoe Up Helly Aa that culminated on Friday night with the galley burning on the voe. A second generation Jarl, David's father Bruce Spence was Guizer Jarl 50 years ago in 1964. David's daughter Bryony led the warrior princesses who joined the 11 strong squad.

The weather was calm but cold as the Jarl Squad emerged from that hall on Friday morning, following a hearty breakfast to give them strength after a busy day visiting the rest of the Isle on Thursday, and the bairns were all excited to get aboard the galley, Skrymir, for the march with the Jarl Squad down to the School. Strong gales and rain prevailed at night however this did not dampen the spirits of all the squads who came together to make for a splendid nights entertainment.

Galley Name:- SKRYMIR

David's Jarl Squad

  • Michael Nisbet (Voe) [Former Jarl]
  • John Williamson (Colvister) [Future Jarl]
  • Brian Spence (Hooses)
  • Campbell Dickie (Greenbank Square)
  • David Anderson (Skerries)
  • Melvin Hall (Walls)
  • Brydon Barclay (Unst)
  • Kevin Tulloch (Oiseval)
  • Barry Nisbet (Lingarth)
  • Timothy Fraser (Mid Yell)
  • Junior Members

  • Bryony Spence (Firth)
  • Connie Dickie (Greenbank Square)
  • Beth Dickie (Greenbank Square)
  • Hansen Tulloch (Oiseval)
  • Jarl Squad Musicians

  • Andy Stephen (Moarfield Garage)
  • Ryan Couper (Voe)
  • Kevin Brown (Walls)
  • Adam Johnson (Northmavine)
  • Lewie Peterson (Sandwick)



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