2001 - Jarl Steven Henderson

The 2001 Festival took place on 23rd February

This year's Guizer Jarl was Steven Henderson from Ljogasund, Cullivoe. He took on the role of Harold Harfager for this year's festival. He was appointed at short notice when Johnnie Clark was forced to pull out owing to family circumstances. And no better man to do it. It was Stevenís debut in the Jarl Squad but he had been involved in Up Helly Aa for years, and this was merely earlier than expected. His father Robert was the Jarl in 1969 and older brother Trevor was the Jarl in 1995. Steven is the latest of a long line of Jarls who started their Up Helly Aa lives in the prolific school squad. Steven surrounded himself with an able squad, a fine balance of youth and experience.

Galley Name:- NORD SJØ

Steven's Jarl Squad

  • Robert Thomason (Uphouse) [Former Jarl]
  • Campbell Dickie (Gerdalok)
  • Hubert Dickie (Gerdalok)
  • Ian Anderson (Breckness)
  • Kevin Tulloch (Gronadjeld)
  • Laurence Tulloch (Gutcher)
  • Junior Jarl

  • Callum Watt



Squad List


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