1960 - Jarl Basil Willie Tulloch

The 1960 Festival took place on 09th February

This year's Guizer Jarl was Basil William Tulloch from Gronadjeld.

Galley Name:- SKOY

Basil's Jarl Squad

  • George Henry (Levi Cottage) [Former Jarl]
  • Bertie Henderson (Skylah) [Future Jarl]
  • Alex Moar (Gloup)
  • John Henderson (Gloup)



Squad List

1 - JARL SQUAD (5)

Black cloaks lined with red, and white tunics bearing a raven. All wore winged helmets.


This was a hilariously funny squad. A life size cow comprised of two squad members, was sold at the "roup". After a lively auction, all including the cow, danced a Shetland reel.


A girls' squad consisting of nine colourful rockets, some Russian, American, and a local attempt to hit the moon. The successful rocket revealed "Cullivoe Up-Helly-Aa 1960", on the other side.


This squad entered singing to guitar accompaniment, when seated told some local yarns and jokes, and finished by singing another song.


Four germs, flu, mumps, measles, and whooping-cough entered the hall running among the audience. When two white-clad germs killers came in with sprays the germs died.


A trainer standing on a dice put three very realistic beetles through their paces. Finally the beetles attacked the trainer, and dragged him away.


A Paris fashion show with an entertaining mannequin parade, compared by leading Paris designer, showed a wide range of fashions.


Four oilskin clad men, equipped with torches, ropes, etc, and bearing the names of places in Hascosay, amused the audience with their efforts at saving wreck wood. The entrance of two Customs officials scattered the men, who were caught, questioned, and taken into custody.



Shetland Times Articles:

Cullivoe celebrated its third Up-Helly-Aa festival organised by the North Yell Badminton Club, on 9th February.

After the recent unsettled weather, it fortunate to have a fine night. The Guizer Jarl was Mr Basil Tulloch, who very ably performed his duties. The boat was kindly gifted by Mr Wm. Moar, Gloup, and converted into longship "Skoy".

At 6.55 p.m. lighting-up took place at Burnside, and the procession of 51 guizers, headed by the longship, moved off at 7 p.m. singing the Up-Helly-Aa song, and watched by hundreds of spectators along the route. On reaching the burning site near the public hall, the torch bearers circled the longship singing the "Galley Song". After the usual cheers, the torches were thrown in, and the "Norseman's Home" sung.

The hall was then opened, and after the Jarl had given his speech, the other squads each gave a performance.

Tea was served, and a very enjoyable night of dancing continued until next morning.

Telegrams / Messages:

  • 'Wishing you all a grand night' - Marina Burgoyne

  • 'All the best for a bright night' - Sandra, Telephone Exchange

  • 'Best wishes. May your galley burn bright. Have a good night boys and no hangovers tomorrow' - Robbie, Jessamine and family

  • 'Wishing you a successful Up-Helly-Aa' - Alma, Forgandenny, Bridge-of-Earn

  • 'Best wishes to all. Tonight's the night so don't get tight' - Joy, Aberdeen

  • 'Greetings. May your galley burn bright and all concerned have a grand night' - Andrew H. Jamieson, Lerwick

  • 'Best wishes for tonight' - Marjory Bruce, Baltasound

  • 'Brightly may your galley burn' - James and Joan, Newcastle-on-Tyne

  • 'Wishing you all a good night' - Bertha Bain

  • 'Sorry can't be with you tonight. Hope you all have a grand time ' - Tom, Stonganess, Cullivoe