1959 - Jarl George Henry

The 1959 Festival took place on 17th February

This year's Guizer Jarl was George John Henry from Levi Cottage.

Galley Name:- HAV ORN

George's Jarl Squad

  • Willie Barclay Henderson (Gloup) [Former Jarl]
  • Basil Willie Tulloch (Gronadjeld) [Future Jarl]
  • Nickie Tulloch (Beach House)
  • Robert Tulloch (North Brough)



Proclamation not yet available for this year


Squad List


Bright colourful suits. Three with winged helmets and one with horned helmet.


This squad of young lads - four dressed as school boys, in shorts and schoolbags and one as the teacher in mortar-board - kept the audience entertained with amusing questions and equally amusing answers.


As this suggests, this was a skit on the recent expedition, Rosemary, Bushy, Colin and Tim, dressed in night apparel, arrived with their boat-balloon (Russian) and other equipment for the voyage, ending up in Cullivoe instead of America.


Six poachers at da troots caught in the act by the "Bobby".


A squad of girls attractively dressed in black skirts, white blouses, tartan sashes and tartan caps, danced into the hall in pairs and performed the "Petronella".


Class of four "older" boys, dressed in shorts, were put through their paces by their teachers in front of an inspector.

7 - AT DA CRAIGS (6)

A group of fishermen indulging in a bit of local gossip while working their wands.


This was the grandfather of all lobsters! (Size 18 feet by four feet by three feet). A very remarkable piece of work, correct in every detail, crawled round the hall with claws snapping fiercely.

9 - "OOR WILLIE" (5)

A favourite character in quadruplicate, sitting on their buckets, and up to their usual pranks, had to be removed from the hall by P. C. Murdoch.

10 - HOME RULE (3)

A deaf "youngster" of some 95 years, heckling a soap box orator, was soon removed by his wife when she saw him listening to the speaker's views on petticoat government.



Shetland Times Articles:


Last Tuesday was another big day for Cullivoe, when they held their second Up-Helly-Aa celebration. The weather was perfect and helped to make the evening the great success it was.
The Guizer Jarl was Mr George J. Henry, Levi Cottage, Cullivoe, who very ably carried out his duties.
A boat, gifted by three local men, was converted into the longship "Hav Orn". A large crowd, including people from all over Yell, Lerwick and elsewhere, watched the muster at Burnside where lighting up took place at 6.55 p.m.
The procession of 52 guizers carrying torches, following the longship with Jarl at the helm and with her crew at both sides, marched off at 7 p.m. singing the Up-Helly-Aa song to an accordion accompaniment.
The dark night greatly enhanced the beautiful sight as the procession stretched out from Burnside, past the school and along Greenbank Terrace, and hundreds of spectators watched en route.
The burning site was near the Public Hall and a large crowd gathered to watch the "Hav Orn" go to her Valhalla. The guizers, with their torches, circled the longship singing the Galley Song.
After the usual three cheers the Jarl slipped down from his ship, the torches were thrown in, the Norseman's Home sung and the "Hav Orn" went to her doom, flying the raven flag at her mast-head till the ship was almost consumed by the flames.
Afterwards the crowd surged to the hall which was soon filled to capacity. The Guizer Jarl made his speech of thanks, then each squad in turn gave a very good performance to a very enthusiastic audience. Tea was served and the night of fun and dancing continued till the next morning.

Telegrams / Messages:

  • 'Wishing you a very enjoyable night' - James, M.V. Fidra.

  • ' A happy successful evening to you all' - John Bain.

  • 'A happy successful night to you all' - Lottie

  • 'Skjoal! Weather fine here, suggest route deviation Greenbank. Best wishes' - Robbie, Jessamine and family.

  • 'May your galley burn bright and all have a happy night' - Tommy, Winnie and boys.

  • 'Skjoal Jarl and guizers all, and your galley burn bright and success attend your Up-Helly-Aa.' - Andrew Hardy.