2016 - Jarl John Saunders

The 2016 Festival took place on 26th February

There was a definite family feel to this year Cullivoe Up Helly Aa, led by full time foster carer John Saunders from Sellafirth. John, portraying Harald Finehair, has six children of his own with all five sons joining the 14 strong squad, which includes two young Vikings and two princesses, a brother-in-law and a son-in-law. The family theme has spread to the galley's name as well, which is Kynslod, which roughly translates as a "load of kin".

Though the ground was covered in snow as white as the Jarls beard, the sun shone brightly as the squad emerged from the hall in the morning to be greeted by the young bairns for the march north to the school, where plenty of photos were taken and much needed warm refreshments served. The fine weather continued into the night making for a calm and beautiful burning of the Galley in the voe. Much entertainment followed as the squads were on top form, before the night being rounded off by dancing to Da Fustra into the small hours.

Galley Name:- KYNSLÓD

John's Jarl Squad

  • John Williamson (Colvister) [Former Jarl]
  • Mark Lawson (Hjarta) [Future Jarl]
  • Stephen Saunders (Midyell)
  • Darren Saunders (Innhouse)
  • Matthew Saunders (Innhouse)
  • Kenny Graham (Broch View)
  • Laurence Odie (Burravoe)
  • Darren Witt (Greenbank Terrace)
  • Kenny Saunders (Lerwick)
  • Junior Members

  • Kane Saunders
  • Jodie Saunders
  • Bernie Saunders
  • Ben Saunders
  • Jarl Squad Musicians

  • Brendan Scollay
  • Terry Irvine
  • David Gear
  • Neil Scollay
  • David Spence



Squad List


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