2010 - Jarl Martin Henderson

The 2010 Festival took place on 26th February

The Jarl was Martin Henderson of Lerwick. For the festival, Martin took on the persona of Kali Kolsson (aka the second Earl Rognvald). Everyone who participated had a great weekend, with plenty of fun, music, food & drink and 2 good nights dancing to the Alan Nicolson band.

Galley Name:- Maisie-June

Martin's Jarl Squad

  • Euan Henderson (Torvaug) [Former Jarl]
  • Campbell Dickie (Papil) [Future Jarl]
  • Barry Nisbet (Lingarth)
  • Iain Williamson (Burravoe)
  • Kevin Tulloch (Midfield)
  • Alan Keith (Aywick)
  • Gary Brown (Burravoe)
  • James Leask (Lerwick)
  • Junior Members

  • Jacob Henderson
  • Lee Watt
  • Jarl Squad Musicians

  • Graeme Garrick
  • Brendan Scollay
  • Robbie Leith



Squad List



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