1987 - Jarl Christopher Thomason

The 1987 Festival took place on 27th February

This year's Guizer Jarl was Christopher Thomason from Fealzie.

Galley Name:- FRAM

Christopher's Jarl Squad

  • Gilbert Tulloch (Hillend) [Former Jarl]
  • Duncan Fraser (The Manse)
  • Bob Severn (Turfhouse)
  • Hamish Nicholson (North House)



Squad List



Shetland Times Articles:

Shetland Times Article:

"Cullivoe's Up-Helly-A' was celebrated on Friday despite strong winds and light rain. Guizer Jarl Christopher Thomason and his squad started out at 11am when they met the islands playgroup children and took them for a 'run' in his longship "Fram " from the galley shed to the school. In the afternoon they visited the old people at Greenbank Road sheltered housing. They had visited Isleshaven Care Centre in Mid Yell the previous night.

Lighting up took place at the school and the procession of guizers, led by Jarl Thomason in his longship, proceeded to the burning site near the new hall.

The Jarl's squad returned to the school and welcomed the many spectators before opening the hall. Jarl Thomason gave his speech of welcome to a large turnout of spectators and thanked all those involved in the preparations for the festival. He then announced the first of 14 squads.

After the acts the hall was cleared for dancing. Music was supplied by Johnny Clark, Eric Williamson and Margaret Couper, and a good night was held by all. On Saturday night a concert was held, and included Eddie Barclay, The Lasses Squad and a welcome return of the Oakbank Sound Dance Band, which provided music for the very successful guizer's hop which followed."

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