1973 - Jarl Laurence Williamson

The 1973 Festival took place on 23rd February

This year's Guizer Jarl was Laurence Thomas Williamson from Allanbrae.

Galley Name:- ELLIDI

Laurence's Jarl Squad

  • Danny Anderson (Mifield) [Future Jarl]
  • James W Henry (Sellafirth)
  • Tammie Thomson (Sellafirth)
  • James Tulloch



Squad List



Shetland Times Articles:

Shetland Times Article:

'Despite inclement weather, on Thurday night a large crowd gathered at Burnside, Cullivoe to see this year's Guizer Jarl, Mr Laurence Williamson of Sellafirth, in his longship "Ellidi" start the procession at 8pm.

The brightly painted longship looked very impressive as 118 guizers, a record number, lit their torches and followed the Jarl and his crew, heartily rendering the Up-Helly-A' song.

It was a magnificent sight seeing the guizers wend their way past Greenbank Terrace to the burning site near the Cullivoe Public Hall. The guizers and spectators joined together to sing "The Norseman's Home". The Jarl alighted from his longship for the three cheers for the festival, replied to with three cheers for the Jarl.

The Guizer Jarl and his crew received a great welcome when they entered the hall and took their positions on the platform. The spectators were welcomed by the Jarl who thanked all who had helped in this year's festival. It was gratifying, he said that squads from throughout the isle and Lerwick gave their support.

After the acts tea was served and dancing commenced. The Mid Yell and Cullivoe bands supplied the music and during the night solos were rendered by Ian Clark and John Williamson. The Dancing continued with gusto until after 4am when the Guizer Jarl issued an invitation to the guizer's hop on Friday night.

Although the hop started a little later than 9pm it continued until after 3am. There was a large attendance and all seemed to enjoy the night's entertainment.

After supper Mrs Andrina Tulloch and Mr John Tulloch sang.

At the conclusion of the evening the Jarl's crew carried him shoulder high round the hall and the crowd sang "For he's a jolly good fellow".'

Telegrams / Messages:

  • 'Best wishes for a successful festival' - Uyeasound Up-Helly-A' Committee

  • 'Best wishes for a good festival. Regret cannot be with you' - Daniel, M.V. Lerwick Trader

  • 'Best wishes for good festival. Yell for Lowrie tonight' - County architect's staff, Lerwick

  • 'Hope the torches burn bright in Cullivoe tonight. A good night had by all' - Isobel and Karl, Scalloway

  • 'All best wishes to crew of the longship Ellidi. Hope you all have a jolly night.' - Henry, Muriel and family, Hillrise, Lerwick

  • 'Will be looking for the lowe in the sky tonight. Happy night to all' - Bertie and Cissie, Lerwick

  • 'Our best wishes go to Up-Helly-A'. We think of you and shout out skoal. We wish we were there with you tonight.' - Margaret and Lawrence at Cape Wrath Light

  • 'Best wishes for a successful festival' - Kate and Alan, Inverness

  • 'Best wishes for successful Up-Helly-A', 1973.' - May and Mac, Selkirk

  • 'Fair weather and successful festival.' - Jem, Aberdeen